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OhWowChina! is the Chinese department of Cognissima Global Training Limited.
The department is exclusively led by professional teachers and headed by a director of studies, all of whom native speakers of Mandarin or Cantonese.
Cognissima Global Training Limited has its headquarters in London and a network of training partners in China, Singapore, Brazil, Spain and Mexico.
The company is dedicated to training in the areas of personal development and languages.
Although we are able to deliver one to one training in all the major European and Asian languages, and Arabic, we have special departments dedicated to the most fast-growing languages in a globalised world: Mandarin and Cantonese - OhWowchina!, Portuguese - LinguaDireta, and Spanish - Spanish Iguana (to be launched in October 2017).
The courses are held in our London centre or through associated training partners in other world cities.

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