What we do


what we do

Teaching Mandarin and Cantonese globally is our life and our passion. And we would love to make you as passionate about learning the language as we are about teaching it.
OhWowChina! provides courses at our London centre, and in other world cities through associated training companies, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Our one to one courses are tailored to the needs of the individual. Our group classes offer various types of courses at all levels.

One to One

Tailor-made individual courses for business or personal development, face to face or online. From quick induction or survival skills courses to fully fledged training programmees, with focus on the four linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) or just some of these skills.
The courses can be delivered in-house at your offices or in the comfort of your own home
Individual courses can be organised in London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, or worldwide, via online training.


Group Courses

We provide group courses and workshops in our London centre and also in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore through a network of local partners.
The group courses' scope ranges from short courses for an induction to Mandarin or Cantonese, to mid-term and long-term learning, organised by steps.
Workshops cover a wide range of topics from cultural aspects to practical flash courses focusing on survival skills for short stays in China.
We also provide in-company tailored training for groups with specific objectives, in any of the cities where we operate.


Full Immersion

For learners working or living in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore we provide full-imersion learning experiences, through courses provided by our local partners.
These courses can be taken at the learners' companies, private homes or dedicated venues in groups or one to one training.